The Love We Feel Is Unreal, by Gabby Ziemsky

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First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE INDIA! I love the women in Nishtha, the kids in the village and in the Main Day Boarding School, the food, and so much more! I cannot fully describe how full my heart is at this moment, I never thought it would be humanly possible. We all have so many cute children that just love us to death and they don't even know our name. To be honest I was nervous that I would not find someone that I would never forget, and to love endlessly, but I have found many!

Living at Nishtha is more than I could have ever imagined. Yes, the showers are cold, the floor we sleep on is concrete, and there are mosquitos eating you alive, but you would not believe how much I actually enjoy it. The cute man that cooks for us makes the best food and always makes sure that we are satisfied. In the girls room we laugh, dance, and have become the bestest of friends in the best place in the world.

Opening a new village is very exciting and the purple team gets to do it this year! Opening a village means that no YMAD kids have ever visited or taught there. The village that we are opening is called Nihata. So in the morning after breakfast we go out and get into our Tatas (aka cars) and drive to our village. We are always jamming to the song "oh ma do". Once we get to our village we read books, teach songs, and play different games with the sweetest children. When we are done at the village, we go to the many houses that feed into Nihata and they feed us food that they love. Then we are off to the Main Day Boarding School.

At the school we read books, teach songs and play games just like the village but much more in depth. I seriously could spend all day with those kids that don't care that there is a language barrier, they just want to be best friends with all the YMAD teens. THEY LOVE TO PLAY RIDE THAT PONY..! seriously it is crazy how much they enjoy it. After we are done teaching we go into the temple and all of the kids do prayers. We all walk them out to the buses and say, "see you soon." (abba decka habe).

I cannot fully write in words how much I love all of the kids but I have a few that stand out. In the villages there is a cute little girl named Sima. She has the darkest skin with the brightest smile. Her hair is very dark and shaved short. She listens so well and gives kisses to anyone that says hello to her. Then at Main Day Boarding School there is a girl named Baby Roy. When I walked in on the first day she ran right up to me and gave me the biggest hug. She has her hair in two braids with clips and fuzzy hairties, and a gold nose ring on the left side. Anytime that she sees me she yells my name and shows me a heart with her hands then blows a kiss to me. It always melts my heart. I never knew that someone could love another person so much. Our love is very much mutual.

I know that this may not mean anything to you, but everything in India means the WORLD TO ME. I may have used the word LOVE a lot but there is no other word I would use to describe my few days here so far, I never want to leave! Love you all and have a good Thanksgiving!

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