Sometimes You're Gonna Feel Like a Million Bucks: By Braden Hudspeth

Well here I am. Chamba again.

I’m happy, healthy, and couldn’t be having a better time! I love my team and school. #dullagang 

Anyway, its already going by too fast, and I don’t want to watch it go by just yet. Here is a little actions from the events leading to right now


Stage one 

-Got scared of planes

-Couldn’t get my fat bag under the seat

-Listened to some good music

-Saw some beautiful snowy mountains 

-Got announced on the PA and apparently we have some traditions on planes!?!

Stage two

-Got learnt pretty fast

-Lived a little loved a lot

-Loved my headphones

-Tried to defensively man-spread 

-Loved home a little more

-Believe in karma (take that how you will)

-Cried just a little

-Took a fat nap

-Did a little yoga in Doha

Stage three

-Got the exit row

-Engaged in a little shenanigans 

Stage four (Driving)

-Hit up the golden temple

-Nell played some jams

-Everyone slept

-Saw a beautiful sunrise (I got a cool picture)

Chamba Baby

-Danced at the YMAD house 

-Saw zero families on a single motorcycle, pretty disappointed nonetheless 

-A little more shenanigans

-Found a girthy one in the bathroom

-Slept not a lot but did listen to some good jams 



-Took a lot of pictures

-Read a book

-Played some games

-Went to town

-Took a quick photo lesson from raj’s cousin, Sachin

-Listened to a little Korn (tryna make the boys proud)


-First teaching day

-Danced a little 

-Tried to throw a few kids

-Ate gushers for breakfast and lunch (probably will for dinner too haha)

Now for a little explanation time haha. First flight was good, me and the boys got people to switch us so we got a row together. At Dallas, Qatar was quite backed up and it took forever to get checked in. Allison bought us some chicken haha so good but the chicken breath, gross! Got stuck next to a guy that wouldn’t let lily or I get up but had to have the aisle seat. What the heck, I tried my best to sweet talk him to the window seat but he wouldn’t budge. I watched a movie that made me cry and then next thing I knew I woke up and we had only 2 hours left which I ground out with some podcasts. Doha is a lovely place, at least the airport. I really want to see what the city itself looks like. We did some yoga and I fully pulled a muscle in the back of my legs, lol I’m so dumb. The flight to Amritsar was a ball, I sat by Al, Ash and Nell and some shenanigans may have happened. Loved the smell of India as soon as the plane touched the ground. Had more than a good time in the car, took about 300 pictures trying to get one of the sunrise through the car window, which eventually happened. They say good things come with time! On the way to Chamba I got the exact picture of a pink house I got last year and I’m so proud of myself. 

Here in Chamba I’ve been having a riot. Sunday we got to go see the YMAD girls. We did some other more boring business as well. Sleep basically none that night but did listen to my jams all night which is fun! Oh, Ty also found a nicely textured, girthy, brown spider in our bathroom. He was quite impressive. We went ahead and left him there smashed just as a warning for all his friends. Don’t mess with ya boys. 

Monday was a good day. Nelly belly and I took pictures all day. I loved watching everyone’s interactions and excitement. I got some pretty good pictures, you can check out Ava and Olivia’s blog yesterday to see some of those goodies! Try to figure out which ones I took. I learned a lot last year which allowed my to change and learn even more this go around. I really hope I’m putting in my part to our group. Today I taught about animals. And acted like them as well, good times! Nothing like jumping around like a frog. We also drew some animals, some more artistic than others. My girl Kritika draw a self portrait and it was a flower, almost made me cry. Barton would probably be proud. We danced after all our lessons which was extremely fun, but I was too tired for that madness.

I love the wilderness here. It basically feels like everything is the wilderness. Buildings are so interesting, cars are decades before our technology. The trees here are so awesome and have so much variety. The oddness in where technology is and isn’t is so interesting to me. I think I could spend like a full month just watching people, things and the river from our hotel roof. 

I now I’m still doing good because my smart comments haven’t left me yet. So don’t even fear, they gettin the full Braden experience. Tyler and I have been doing some moderate pranks and plenty of shenanigans have ensued.

Since I can’t write my emotions I figured I can share them through other methods. Here we go


Alyssa Lies by Jason Carroll 

Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney

At The Heart by The National Parks

July in Cheyenne by Aaron Watson

Dream by Imagine Dragons

The Stars by Lady Antebellum (this song is so pure, defs take a listen)


“I want to say something

but I do not know what.” Phil Kaye

And a few shower thoughts for the go.

-If you punch yourself and it hurts does that make you weak or strong?

-You sleep 1/3 of your life away. If your 80 and have slept 8 hours a day, that means you’ve slept for 26 years. Get up in the morning.

-Do astronauts end there relationships by saying they just need some space?

Jkjk not done yet. I’m missing my school from last year so much. Ash is there again and they’ve kept me updated which is good. Jake just showed me a pic of Carn and Arjun and Naveet which are now in middle school. I can wait for Saturday because that’s when I get to go back for the cultural exchange. Haha I’m fully losing it right now!

P.S. give a cold bucket shower a try. It’s worth it I promise.

Live, love, give,


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