So Much Love!!! By Naomi Cox

So Much Love!!!


Here we are! In India!! Day two and I couldn’t be happier! The traveling was long and I was so tired I could hardly function, but now that I’m finally here I feel like a whole new person! Its BEAUTIFUL here!! There is so many mountains and trees and everywhere I look I’m just completely amazed! Our food had been delicious and being able to spend time with my amazing team every night has be some of the happiest times of my life! We’ve now spent two days at the schools so far and may I just say that these kids are the most precious human beings I have ever met in my life!! All I can do is smile when I’m around them! Teaching the lessons is definitely a challenge sometimes but I can always tell that the kids are so eager to learn. When I say or do something, they often repeat what I’m doing, and all this made me think was that we truly have such a large impact on their lives, which is why we need to put in our best efforts and our most positive attitudes.

       The majority of the kids know the lessons, making it pretty easy to teach them but then there are the younger kids who hardly know what English is, and that’s when teaching gets harder. They were all pretty respectful the first day but when the second day came around, they got SUPER crazy! Even though they were super crazy, I just couldn’t help but to love them so much more! When they saw a camera, ALL they wanted to do was take pictures. They would rip the camera out of my hand and would say “mam, one picture!” I couldn’t help but say yes to they’re cute little faces! We took lots of pictures and I’ve looked at them about a thousand time and my heart melts every time:))

           This experience has already changed my life. Straight up. Even before we came to India, all of the lessons and meetings opened my eyes up to so many important things! Now that we’re actually here, I see that all of the traveling and hard work has payed off! There is so much love and happiness everywhere I go, especially from the kids! Even though we don’t speak the same language and some kids will often start speaking to you in fluent Hindi, thinking you understand what their saying, you can feel your love for them grow every second! I’m excited to tell you all more about my amazing experience in India and I hope you all remember to love everyone no matter what:)