India’s Sick but I’m Not ;) By Maddy Thompson

India’s Sick but I’m Not ;)


         Hey guys! I’m in India! So much has happened I don’t even know where to start. The flight here was interesting to say the least. Out of the 50 hours of travelling, I got maybe 2 hours of sleep max. We went to the Golden Temple at around 3 am and it was so beautiful. It shines so brightly and reflects on the water, and there were even people getting in and dipping in the water with the koi fish. 

         We also went to the YMAD House of Learning on Sunday. We met all of the girls, including Ankita, the girl that I drew the portrait of. She’s so precious and she sat on my lap for so long. Today I gave her a photo of the picture I drew, and she was so extremely happy. After I gave it to her she ran down to her room and put it under her pillow to keep it safe. We also made little paintings today, and without even knowing we both painted the exact same things. I love Ankita so much!

         Yesterday we went to our schools for the first time! When we got there, the kids said their morning prayers, fully equipped with adorable squeaky voices and the loudest drum I’ve ever heard. All of the work that I’ve put into YMAD has been immense and very time consuming, but after seeing their precious faces, I know that it’s all been more than worth it. 

         I need to tell you guys about some of the kids. Radhika is the little girl with the mole on her eyebrow. She loves to jump all over me and she has the most adorable grin. Yamini LOVES to take pictures. Every time she sees me she runs up to me and smiles so wide. Purvi has the most distinct personality. She’s perfectly happy just doing her own thing. Listening is optional in her world. 

         All of the kids are so overwhelmingly loving and affectionate. Every day they greet us so excitedly. They all call us Didi, which means sister in Hindi. They love saying “Didi Maddy,” and it has an adorable ring to it. When it’s time for us to leave for the day, they surround us and shower us with “see you tomorrow Didi,” “I love you,” “bye Didi,” handshakes, kisses, and lots of hugs. 

         India is so beautiful you guys. If you think the mountains in Utah are tall… you have no idea. The roads are INSANE! Dad you would lose it. There are stray dogs, goats, sheep, and cows everywhere just mad chillin. The cows look like Milo. Also, did you know that grey cows exist? They do. It’s wild. 

         Mom and Dad- I hope things aren’t too quiet! Give Jax, Milo, and Buddy big hugs for me. The food here is SO good! Dad you would love the rice pudding I want you guys to know that I’m so happy here. The love and joy that I’ve experienced here is so genuine, its’s absolutely incredible. Have fun in Spain! I love you guys! 

         Jonathan- hey, I’m gonna be really blunt here, u single? I miss you cutie! How are you? I hope you’re being safe and maybe even going to bed before 3 am every night. I already know that you’ve gotten hella far in Red Dead. I don’t know how I’m going to catch up dude. I really really hope you’re happy! I’m so happy and it’s so pretty here. I’ll be home before you know it. I love you so so so much!

         I’m going to wrap this up here squad. All of my friends and family back home, I love all of you! Everything is going so well. Oh, and to explain the title of this blog, I didn’t get sick! Jonny I hope you’re feeling better, you’re a real one. Mom and dad, I told you I wouldn’t get sick. ;)

         I’ll see you all next time I blog, which should be on Friday. I love you guys so much!

         Until next time,