Happy here - Savannah Poulson

I cannot believe I am in India!! I have been having the time of my life! Our journey started out with three plane rides to get here! Then we hopped in the cars to drive to Chamba! Let me tell you... the driving here is crazy! Everyone is just always honking because that is their way of driving. At first I thought everyone was just super mad all the time! I was told later that wasn’t the case haha! We arrived in Chamba and right as we got out I had never loved a place more! I loved the mountains and the rivers and the colorful buildings! That day, we went and visited the ymad girls and they are the sweetest and purest girls! I love them! That day we had to stay up all the way until ten which was really difficult considering that we were jet lagged and their day is our night! We usually have to stay up until ten but Allison and Brooke were kind enough to let us go to bed a little early!

Yesterday we went to our schools for the first time! I didn’t know I was capable of the instant love I felt for those kids! As we drove up to our school the kids were running up and down the street waiting for us and so excited! We got out and they all said in unison “GOOD MORNING.” We walked in and the kids gave us bindis and Marigold necklaces! They then had us sit in some seats and watch them as they did their morning prayer! They kept glancing over and giggling at us! We then split into groups and started lessons! I was so scared to teach but as soon as I looked at their cute faces, all my nerves faded away! They just smiled, and they were so excited to learn! As we moved to each group they would give us a huge hug and say “bye didi!!” When it was lunch time we had to sit away from all of the kids or else they wouldn’t eat their lunch! They kept waving to us and blowing kisses! After lunch they were a lot more hyper because they had warmed up to all of us! There is a little girl named Byasa that is always hugging me and never lets go! I love her so much!! At the end of the day they would not let go they all kept hugging saying “goodbye didi Savannah! I love you!” I went home, and an hour later I was already missing all of the cute kids faces!

Today we went back to the schools and I could not wait to get out of the car and hug all of them and see their cute little faces! As we were splitting up into classes this little girl named Radhika had this huge smile on her face and kept telling me to come teach her first! Today the kids were crazy. They were running around and I was out of breath chasing them around, but I was laughing because they were all so cute! At the end of the day they were hugging me and fighting over who gets to hold my hand which was the best feeling of my life! After school Brooke and I went down to the market because the fabric I picked out yesterday for my pantsuit wasn’t long enough for me! We were walking up to the tailor through one of the alley ways there was a huge herd of goats and they walked right past us. It was so amazing! Anyways I love you all very much, but I’m honestly not homesick yet!

P.S. Lizzy I am taking care of your kids don’t you worry!!!