Falling In Love, by Serena Wilding

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INDIA IS INCREDIBLE. I love it more than I ever thought could be possible. The people here are so kind, loving, accepting, and humble. Each person is an example to me and I aspire to become even half of the beautiful and incredible people that they are. As I prepared to go to India and as we were on our way here, I had worries about whether or not the people here in India would like me, and whether or not I would meet new friends. Little did I know that I'd be meeting my new best friends, an amazing family, and a wonderful home.

Before I left for India, my sister gave me a little book of quotes, with one quote for each day here in India. Some of the quotes are very relatable, such as the quote, "Spread love as thick as you would Nutella." Hahaha! XD This quote couldn't be more true, as we have Nutella AT LEAST once a day (no complaints there ;)).

But one quote that has really stood out to me is this: "The best things in life are free: hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, sleep, love, laughter and good memories." This couldn't be more true. I'm definitely not a huge fan of hugs and kisses at home in Utah. My philosophy is that I need to be "feeling the moment", which doesn't happen all the much. But here in India, it happens at least 50 times a day, and I absolutely LOVE it!

The memories that I'm making here and the experiences that I'm having are some of the best moments and memories I have in my lifetime. India is about: Sincerity. Kindness. Real happiness. It's not about what you don't have. It's not about more, more, and more. It's about the memories you're making and the people you fall in love with.

I am so grateful for the people here and for their kindness, happiness, generosity, humility, and most of all, for their love and example to me. I came here to be part of a group of Youth Making a Difference, but instead, the people of India are here making a difference to me.

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