Don’t forget the wats-bots: By Leah Darby

Don’t forget the wats-bots

wow! this is better than I could have ever imagined! The 3 days of travel were easier and harder than I thought they would- dad you were right. The 14 hour flight wasn’t too bad, discovering ice cream in the back made everything better. The golden temple was incredible! The pictures I took can’t do it justice. The drive to Chamba was so beautiful. Luckily, the super twisty roads didn’t make me sick and I was able to look out the window the whole time and enjoy the views. I was thinking of momo the whole time because the drive was her worst nightmare! When we got to our hotel we got our room assignments. I’m sharing with Anna and Zoey and it’s so much fun! I’ve also been updating Emily on all the shortened words because she wants to become a shortener! 

The first day in the schools we met all the kids and tried our best to learn their names. They were pretty shy on Monday but today they were a lot more comfortable and it was so much fun! I love all the kids so much. Rohit is 6 years old and he is a trouble-maker! Dishi, Heena, Kirti, and Vandana are all so sweet. Today, Kirti gabe me a picture she drew that had her name and age on it that said “I love you”. It is the cutest thing! Also, the kids love cameras! When they see my camera around my neck they beg “one photo ma’am! Please one photo!” It is so cute! At the end of the day we played around with the kids and it was so fun. All of the girls were chasing me around and tickling me. None of us wanted to leave when school was over! The kids followed us to the car waving and giving us high-fives and bumps and we couldn’t stop smiling the whole way back!

After school today we went to the YMAD house. We read and painted and played with the girls. Cezal is one of my favorites because she is so sweet. We were looking at my photo book and she saw my mom and said “your mother is so beautiful!”. I thought you would like that mom! I’m having so much fun and I can’t wait to go back to the schools tomorrow! I miss everyone and I’m excited to share all my photos and stories with you!