Coming Home, by Estelle Robbins

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Hello! I'm happy and healthy! It has been amazing in many ways to return to India. Stepping off the plane and taking the first drive to Nishtha felt exactly like home. I feel like I picked up right from where I left off. Walking into the bedroom at Nishtha felt like I was walking into my bedroom at home. Everything familiar, but with a different perspective.

It took me a bit to realize exactly what had changed in me. The only word I could find to describe it was Real. It all seemed like more of a reality to me then a surreal world. My knowledge of the difficult and challenging lives these beautiful people live, has grown over the past year. I am now facing the facts of how hard their lives are. People I had met a year ago are still doing the same daily routines one year later. I feel that I am able to understand them deeper, and now I feel more lucky than ever to be a small part of their lives.

My heart is growing. I have had the very unique opportunity to go back to the same village I went to last year, Manikjore. My heart was extremely happy as I walked in to it. It is beautiful! I was able to recognize some old faces and met some new ones. Seeing all of them my body was filled with energy.

Today, there was an old women in the village whose house we went to for village tours. Walking in I recognized her and the home. She recognized me as well because I had visited her home last year. She squeezed my face. Which was one of the greatest feelings because I could feel her love so strongly.

I still have so much to learn, and am eager for the week a head of me.



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