Our first day in the school!! - Jackie May

Today was our first day in the school and it was more than perfect. The students were perfect, the teens excellent, and the lessons amazing. We all feel more than lucky to be here and so happy that we can spend time with these perfect Indian children. 


Being the first day, it brought a lot of surprises and new situations. We have youths with talents spreading far and wide and students with spunk that tear your heart out and makes you wish you were one of the kids. 


First, we have Kathryn Wieland who can apparently write beautiful and complete words upside down. Insert a completely blank face as I watched her do this multiple times. She also spread the good word of animal noises and taught us all about animals, how they spell their names, and how they sound. It was wonderful watching her teach as she is a natural with the students and made light work of the language barrier. 


Next we have Zoe Brusa who is no stranger to humanitarian educational work. She found herself falling in love with a whole new group of littles who were willing to bring her into their hearts and families. Zoe taught us about our families and their structure. In doing so, Zoe accidentally got her kids to write her name in their hand drawn family photos. It was a beautiful and very sweet surprise. 


Sweet Emily Frederick first day was spent teaching at the school that her cousin Sophie taught at last year. Students were calling her Sophie and getting to know her just the same. She taught us about body parts and caterpillars that eat everything in their path and grow to become beautiful butterflies. Emily hatched out of her cocoon and became a beautiful and loving teacher as she engaged with all the students and made sure to let them know that each of them are special to her. 


Julia Nebeker brought us all together by helping the students make folders to hold all of their handouts for the week. She also had the pleasure of getting to know the kids with her lesson. She was able to help the students write their names, their age and draw pictures of their family and favorite things to do. And then she was attacked by a caterpillar but you can read more about that on her blog post.  


Tyler Murrill is a perfect foreman. He taught the kids about construction, helped them build towering ‘tinker toys’ structures, and read to us about the alphabet. And that’s just the beginning, we’re more than lucky to have him around attempting to save us from harmless yet enormous spiders and we are forever grateful for his efforts.


Macey Orth wraps us up by leading us in our group activities today and by being a perfect leader. She is calm, happy, helpful, and kind and it shines through when she’s working with the students. She taught us all about old McDonald, red riding hood, and how to play tug o’ war. We couldn’t have stayed on track without her and we wouldn’t want to but I am more than excited to see her teaching in the small groups tomorrow. 


Today was absolutely perfect - we met the most sweet students that we will be working with during the rest of the trip and still can’t believe our luck by waking up in Chamba. ❤️