Our First Day, by Maren Curtis

Our First Day by Maren Curtis


We have finally made it India! After five plane trips and a day in the beautiful city of Singapore, we arrived very late in the night of the 17th. Jane was super generous to let us sleep in this morning, because starting tomorrow, we will be getting up bright and early to go to our village schools and teach.

Everyone has been talking nonstop about the people we have all fallen in love with so quickly. Today brought true meaning to the singing, dancing, and practicing of the past nine months.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the adorable students of Bolabosha, a school for disabled children. We got to hold and play with some adorable babies and small children and also danced with their mothers. All the girls were given bindi stickers on our foreheads.

Outside before dinner, we played soccer and tag and danced with local children.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of today was our opening ceremony with the women of Nishta. The women first blessed each of us with marigold flowers and had us each light a wick on a lamp. With the help of a translator, the women and Jane and Jeff expressed their gratitude and love for one another. We sang to each other, and then it was dance party time!

Once we had gotten tired, we sat down and spoke to these wonderful people. By sharing photos of our families, we were able to talk with them about their own families. Instead of saying good- bye, the women tell us,"I love you".

We are all super excited for our first day of teaching tomorrow! We hope that we succeed in making a difference!

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