Love Well: By Anna Christensen

                                 Love Well 

On Friday we got to the airport and I may or may not have shed a tear saying goodbye to the family. For the first flight I sat by Naomi it was to Dallas and was only about 2 hours. Then we hurried through the airport in Dallas to our gate because we had to check back in so they could get our bags to the other plane. We boarded the plane to Doha, this was the 14 hour flight. I was really nervous for this flight but it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. The airline treated us so awesome. They gave us dinner, a snack, breakfast, and then lunch. I was so blown away when Allison said they would be feeding us that many meals because that means we’d be in the air for that long! 

        We landed in Doha on Saturday and the airport was a mall and it had some crazy statues. We did some yoga waiting for our next flight. We went from Doha to Amritsar which is in India. We landed in Amritsar around 3 in the morning. After we we through customs we went to the Golden Temple. When we walked up it was this white building and it was under construction in the front so when I walked through the water and up the stairs I was so surprised at the beautiful temple in front of me. It was so amazing, watching all the people worship made me want to learn more about the religion. After the Golden Temple we drove about 2 hours to breakfast. It was in this tiny resort. We ate in this room with lots of windows and the scenery was so beautiful. After breakfast we had a 4 hour drive to the hotel. The drive was the most beautiful thing through these mountains. I loved it. After we got to the hotel we went to the YMAD house of learning and the whole way to India Brooke talked about how excited she was to see the YMAD girls. Seeing her reunited with those girls was the most precious thing. I am so excited to go back there every other day and get to know those girls. After dinner we had a meeting and Brooke and Allison talked about how excited they are for us to go to the schools the next day. It’s the whole reason we’re here. Teaching those kids, I need to do what I came here to to do. Allison shared this quote “Today is a new day! You can start fresh wipe the slate clean and begin again. Today you can embrace kindness, practice compassion stand up for justice, talk to strangers, ask for help, offer hope, listen with your whole heart, work for the common good and love well. You can be the change you wish to see in the world.”

     Monday we our first day at our schools. i’m on the blue team and our school is called Kakiyan. I’m in love. as soon as we pulled up the kids were so excited. They didn’t even know us and they were waving and smiling so big. I’ve never fell in love with someone so fast. They were so happy, such pure hearts. They welcomed us with bindhis and marigold necklaces like the YMAD girls did. We got to watch them do their morning prayers. They kept looking at us smiling, their little faces are so cute I can’t get enough and it’s only been one day. After we were done with their prayers we went upstairs and split into groups. After we got them name tags we started to teach. I taught about body parts and they knew so much. It made me so happy. Sometimes they would randomly talked to me in Hindi and expect me to understand them. It made me really sad that I didn’t know what they were saying. I also realized that they probably feel the same way when we talk to us. In the future I want to use the translator and then things will go more smoothly. I’m so excited to go again tomorrow there is a little girl named Jayi she is the sweetest thing and would always hold my hand. She would look at me and say you’re so sweet. I wish I didn’t have to leave her and it makes me so sad to think about leaving her and the other kids next week but we don’t need to think about that now. I love and miss you guys but I’m loving it here, now I know why josh loves India so much. I’m so glad he did it so he could pass it down to me. Okay peace out my homies I’ll talk to you later! Love, Anna