Lines are Just Suggestions Here: By Ellie Scharman

Lines are Just Suggestions Here By Ellie Scharman


It took us 3 plane rides, a lot of sitting, and a whole lot of driving to get us here, but we made it! Over our 14 hour flight, there was plenty of time to talk with the two strangers on either side of me about India. They described the strong smell, the variety of cultures, and the crowded streets. Even after a 14 hour plane ride worth of talk, I was still surprised when I walked out of the airport in Amritsar. They were definitely right about the smell. It hit me as soon as I got off the flight! People are everywhere in India, including in the middle of the street, and there are people on bikes and motorcycles racing through the tiny streets. We hopped into our cars and headed to the Golden Temple. We arrived at 4 am, but it was still crowded! We took off our shoes and socks and walked across the cold tile floor around the Golden Temple. The temple is beautiful! It is surrounded by water and the gold building is so intricately carved.


The ride to Chamba was crazy! Lines are just suggestions in India. Cars weave across the road and between people, bikes, and motorcycles. It’s kind of a bit like bumper cars, but we haven’t gotten hit yet, so I’m just crossing my fingers that that doesn’t happen anytime soon. All the cars and motorcycles honk, but it’s more like an “excuse me, I’m coming up on your right,” kind of honk, not the rude kind.


Everywhere in India it is green! I love it! Trees are everywhere and vines crawl up the walls of the shops and homes. The city we are in, Chamba, is up in the mountains and our hotel is right next to a rushing river. Looking out our hotel at night, you can see random lights on the mountains above us and it is beautiful!


Now on to the schools, the reason we are here! When the Orange Team arrived, we were met by a group of kids from the older school, which is right by our school. They were so excited to shake our hands and show off what little English they knew! Then we walked into our school. Our kids are so sweet! They greeted us with their shy little smiles, but pretty soon they warmed up to us! The older kids could practically read our books to us! I love them all so much! I love watching them come out of their shells as we reach out to them and encourage them. They are so cute! I was stapling something and this little girl, Heena, came up and was so happy when I showed her how to staple it and let her do it for me. The kids loved teaching us their handshakes and telling us exactly what kind of flashcard games they wanted to play! Saying goodbye today was hard enough, so I can’t even imagine how hard it will be on the last day! For now, I’ll just have to love these kids with everything I have and enjoy every happy, chaotic second I have with them!