I was stabbed multiple times - Julia Nebeker

We actually made it! For two days I was confined to multiple airplanes (stuck in the middle seat), and experienced intense carsickness for half of the 8 hour car ride. My relief when finally arriving at the hotel was intense, even with the drowsing effects of Dramamine.

The schools are amazing! I am at Ludrera, the largest school with 37 kids. I absolutely love them all! It was an exciting day, and I was busy teaching introductions. This meant I spent half the lessons giving high fives, handshakes, and fist bumps (called bones in India). Then, we had an epic tug of war battle with all the students v.s us teachers, and we horribly lost the first time. 30 to 6 leveled out the playing field despite their small size.

As the title suggests, I had quite the encounter today. As my last lesson started, I noticed little spines in my fingers. These were from a caterpillar that took an adventure from my scarf to my left shoulder. I later found the spines all over the right side of my chest, and truthfully freaked out a bit.

Our translator got some herb mix (similar to putty) and rolled it all over me to remove all the spines. The kids were hilarious to watch as I was being un-spiked, they were a little confused and concerned. At the end it was quite a funny experience. Hopefully it won't happen again, and I will continue to have such a fantastic experience!