Holy crap I’m in India! - Ava McConkie

After nine months of hard work and Sunday night meetings, I am here! Oh my goodness! The first day we were here was rough. I LOVE sleep and not really sleeping for 48 hours was hard. We also couldn’t go to sleep because we had to stay up to make sure that we were on the right sleep schedule. Thanks Alison!

Our first day of school was today and I am already so in love with these kids. They are so sweet and so excited to learn. It started with us jumping out of the car and being welcomed by the kids. Every morning they give their morning prayers and we were invited to watch. We couldn’t understand what they were saying but we got the highlights from the translator.

My favorite thing in the prayer was them praying to the goddess of knowledge. It was so sweet knowing that they were so excited to learn. After they were grouped into age groups, we started to teach. My lesson is “At Home” and today I was teaching “Family”. I had printed out photos of my family and friends and put them in a photo book. It was so fun for them to see my family and for me to show them pictures of my gorgeous sisters. The kids were even interested to learn my sisters names, just as they were excited to learn my name.

The drives are beautiful- it is beautiful here and the narrow roads and crazy drivers are no longer scary. Okay maybe a little scary still.