HEYO: By Olivia Winston

HEYO! So, I prepared for nine months, went to two retreats, raised money, traveled for two days & I’m finally in India!!! When we got to Chamba we met the YMAD girls & I’m in love. We played games & got to know each other a little bit. While we were doing that, we discovered that we both love to dance so we made a deal that if we dance for them, they would dance for us. So we did our dance that we’re going to do at the cultural exchange & they did a dance that they had choreographed. I can’t wait to see them again!!

Today was our first day of school!! My school’s name is Dulla & there are 25 students. When we were driving to the school we saw some of our kids & when they saw us they got really excited & pointed at us as if they knew we were YMAD. We got to the school & the kids immediately started setting mats & chairs up for us. We were invited to watch them pray which was really interesting & my favorite part of it was when Jatin ( the boy leading the prayer) was quizzing the kids and our translator (Paj—that’s what we call her because we can’t pronounce her name correctly) told us that Jatin was asking who the king of fruit is (Mango) & who the king of vegetables is (potatoes). 

Once we started teaching, we were offered water, tea, nuts, cookies, and fruit by the teachers. They are all very nice. In my first class there is a girl named Manuska & whenever she introduces herself she says, “I am......Manuska!!” And does some kind of hand movement. She is so funny & sassy. Another little girl (maybe three or four) was attached to me most of the day. There is a picture of me trying to teach with her on my side. I loved each & every minute of today & cannot wait for more to come!

Saying goodbye to the kids today was really hard because I didn’t want to leave!! We had to though because our driver was waiting & there was a car behind ours that was waiting because two cars can’t fit on the road. As we were leaving they all came up to the car & high fived us & were all saying bye. It was the cutest thing ever. 

After the school we all met at the YMAD house & walked to town. We got to the shop to pick out our pantsuit fabric & let me tell ya, that was the most stressful thing yet (not really, but it was really hard). I hope you like it mom!! Haha. 

Anyway, mom, dad & max, I miss & hope you are having the best time at home!! The next time I am blogging is on Thursday!! Love you guys!