First time out of America! - Daniel Taylor

This is my first time not being in the US! It has been really interesting to go through customs and seeing the differences between the airports. Even just walking outside, you can notice the difference in the smells of the air. The people drive on the left side of road, and they honk at each other to communicate while passing.

Our schools are also very cool and different than in the US. All the lessons are outside, and everybody has the same lunch together. Every morning, the kids say their prayers while standing in two lines. Two people at the front shout out words or phrases, and the other kids either repeat or sing the words back at them. They also stomp as they shout, and it’s very cool to watch.

The markets are really interesting as well. We went there today to pick out our fabric for the pantsuits we are having made this week. The streets are really narrow and crowded. People will be walking within inches of other people riding motorcycles. There are drainage canals along the side of the road, and everything seems compact and its a new way of seeing streets. We get a lot of stares as the only white people around, but it just has been a really cool experience.