Bold Requests by Bridger Grothe

The Denver YMAD team and its inaugural meeting was Bold. Thirteen youth waited anxiously in the basement of Scott household to discuss the pressing matters that our expedition required. Conversation was stirring and you could hear the excitement. The meeting was conducted in the normal fashion of the other meetings except with a different lesson. This week was about the “Bold Request”. Bold requests are pressed on us daily and the action we respond with displays our true character. Several interventions and discussions broke out and gave everyone in the room an opportunity to recognize the bold requests we have been asked of. An inspiration podcast was played, it was about the true determination, persistence, and grit Sylvester Stallone endured to pursue his dreams and become the underdog we all know and love “Rocky Balboa”. Through hardship and trial we as the YMAD youth are asked to rise and meet the challenge. An intermission was taken and then we transitioned straight into our meeting ted talks presented by 3 youth each week. The topics were personal and thought provoking and gave more insight to the youth. The end of the meeting was dedicated to meeting time for the 3 work teams. The conclusion of the meeting was reserved for singing our expedition songs, I lived by One Republic and One Love by Matisyahu.