Be Bold Like Rocky by Maisy Hayes

Last Sunday Team Vishvaas learned all about how to make a bold request from our awesome guest speaker Gardner Lange! Gardner taught us that sometimes the most daunting and “impossible” tasks have the biggest payouts! Let’s embrace Gardner’s advice and go big this week while fundraising!

 Let's be bold this week with our fundraising! Remember how bold Ashley was with her random act of kindness? She was kind enough to anonymously pay for a stranger's meal, great job Ashley!

As an example of bold requests we learned all about how Sylvester Stallone became a writer and the star of his first film Rocky. He was shut down so many times but he never gave up on telling his story exactly how he wanted to. He refused to sacrifice his dream for anything and it payed off. It payed off BIG! So don’t be afraid to be courageous this week team! We can not only achieve our goal but we can exceed it!

There is always a way when you’re committed, you just have to take a different approach.”-Sylvester Stallone

Ted Talk Highlights:

  • Brandon taught us to always be passionate when we are fundraising, tell people why you care and why they should too! “People don’t buy your cause they buy what you believe”-Brandon
  • Payton shared how hard his amazing grandmother worked to provide a safe environment to raise her family. “Sacrifice something you love doing” -Payton.
  • Madison G taught us all the importance of empathy, and how empathy doesn’t mean fixing the problem but letting that person know that they aren’t alone. “A response never fixes the problem, but a genuine connection does”-Madison G.
  • Paige gave us some more great advice for when we are fundraising. She suggests that we “find a unique and genuine speech” and to “skip the short talk”-Paige.

Big thanks to Brandon, Camden, and Keller for keeping our energies high with those awesome snacks!Also, don’t forget all the fun we had singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm! I’m so excited to share this one with the kids!