Red Team Meeting by Jake Sperry

First village meeting 


Tonight was one to remember! Being on the red team is the best and it's all because of our amazing leader zippy! We were welcomed with rice krispies and I knew it was gonna be a fun time! When the meeting started going we talked about the leaders that we want to be in India so that we could have the best possible experience and it got me thinking about rides to the village, teaching the children, playing games with them and loving them! Then we all checked off our emergency lessons and Jono for sure had the best flash cards by far! Then Gracie and Farah were surprised and got to teach one of their lessons! Me Jono and Emily were relieved that we didn't have to but it brought to our attention that we needed to get knowing our lessons better!  last but not least we watched a few past videos and decided on our music for the video! Let’s just say that the red team might have the coolest video haha! Over all the night was awesome and we all can't wait to teach in our village with each other and with zip!! 





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