Orange Team Meeting by Emma Romney


On August 27th 2017 our Operation (Dabangg) split up into our village groups to have meetings. My group is the orange team. The orange team’s leader is Ashley and the teenagers are Dallin, Emma R., Emma E., Braden, Abby, and Lizzy R. Our meeting was at Ashley’s house. During the meeting we discussed what song we wanted to use for the video and what colleges we were applying to. We also had two people give a lesson that they will be teaching in India. Lizzy and Dallin gave the lessons, they did a fabulous job!

Everyone who goes to India creates an emergency lesson. This is a lesson that is not in our curriculum but something that applies to the topic we are given. My topic is Mother Nature so my group decided to teach about continents and directions (north, south, east, west). With each lesson we have to make and teach vocabulary flash cards, play a game, and do a craft. At the meeting we passed these lessons off. It was fun to get together with just our small village groups and brought us closer as a team! 

On August 27th 2017 our Operation (Dabangg) split up into our village....jpeg