Blue Team Meeting by Jack Vincent

Blue Team Meeting Sunday August 27th, 2017

At this meeting the blue team met and discussed a few different things. Everyone started off by talking about a moment in the past few weeks were they showed compassion. It was awesome to see how amazing everyone in the group is and how much love they have for the people around them! We talked about our Emergency lesson and showed what it consisted of. Everyone’s lesson looked amazing and you could tell all of us had put some time into planning it. Later in the meeting, Eric pulled two random names from a hat and they had to teach a lesson to the group right there on the spot. The two lucky people were Jack and Wilson. Both of them did a great job and they realized how hard it is to keep the listener engaged and to always know what to do. Everyone then brainstormed ideas for the song we want to use in our slideshow after we return from India. The two songs chosen were: Long Cool Women in a Black Dress and Home! 



As the time to go to India is getting closer, so is everyone in the groups. It was awesome to see how close all of us are at this point of meetings and retreats. Everyone seems like family and no one is left out! I can’t wait to see how much closer we get before India and while we are there!