Zip-Ba By Emma Romney



                      On September 17th, 2017, Operation Dabangg learned about culture shock from one of our awesome leaders Allison Ford! We learned about how to recognize and handle culture shock. Some of the symptoms of culture shock include: feeling extremely homesick, depressed, loss of sense of humor, feeling helpless and lost, lost of appetite, etc. Culture shock can happen in India but it can also happen when we return home; Allison taught us how to recognize it and deal with it. She also told us that her and all the other leaders doors are always open in India and when we get home. All of the leaders are so caring and loving and they make everyone in the whole group feel safe! I am so grateful for all of them! Each meeting gets me more and more excited for India!

                      After the lesson we had a break and we played a game. The game was called Zip, Ba. The rules of the game are not to smile/laugh or show your teeth. You also have to make sure to say Zip to the right and Ba to the left. Everyone got in a circle and Zippy, one of the adult leaders, started the game. I was out in like two seconds because I couldn’t stop laughing! The game went around the circle once and almost all the girls were out. The boys on the other hand were in the game to win it! The winners were Jono and Jake.

                      We recently added a new leader to our group. His name is Jake Murrill. He is the medic on our team. He introduced himself more at the meeting and we are all so happy and excited to get to know him better!!

                      The last half of the meeting we got into our village groups and preparation groups. In our village groups two people taught a lesson that we will be teaching the kids in India. This part of the meeting always makes me the most excited to meet and teach the children! After meeting with the groups we practiced our dance that we will be performing in the culture exchange and our two songs (one day and best day of our lives). We all had so much energy and excitement when dancing and singing!

                      To close the meeting we had announcements. Allison and Brooke encouraged us to keeping working toward “playing at a five”. They told us they loved our energy at the meeting and that when we left we needed to keep the energy up throughout the week. They also encouraged us to start packing and spraying our clothes. Let’s all embrace Allison’s and Brooke’s requests and “play at a five” this week and all of the weeks leading up to India!! We are only 57 days away!!