Green Team by Lizzy Hale

We meet in our village teams and had a blast! First we taught out emergency lessons to each other. It was fun to see the creative activities and things people came up with to help the kids better learn and have fun in India. This made us all realize how close India is coming and made everyone that much more excited to go and teach!
    Second, Natalie made made us some amazing snacks and we talked and bonded. The green team is definitely the best. Although I might be a little bit biased.
    Third, we had a couple people teach the other lessons we’re going to be teaching there. It was fun to see how people taught things and put their own spin on it. 
    Lastly, we figured out our songs for the videos, and what service we are going to to for the other team we were assigned. It was refreshing after a long week to focus on serving our team and learning how to better teach and serve the kids of India. 
    Overall it was a blast and I liked being with our small village teams for a lesson so we could get to know everyone we’re going to be spending the most time with just a little bit better.