Second Retreat by Jake Sperry


operation dabangg's second retreat was a success! it started down in salt lake where we all met up at a church and then our adventure began as we headed up ogden canyon! i had the pleasure to drive with natalie and our car was a blast! when we arrived at our cabin everyone was stoked and the first thing that we did was dance! we danced and danced and danced until all we wanted to do was eat haha! the meals were very delicious thanks to the leaders and peoples parents! a little after dinner we had an amazing lesson on compassion! the activities that we did for this lesson were strengthening and very emotional! this compassion lesson for sure brought our operation closer! then when the night was coming to an end we held our talent show!! wether it was jono's and henry's magic or the girls glow in the dark jump rope ruining everyone was having a great time! after that the boys had the pleasure of a dead mouse in our room and only dallin had the guts to get rid of it! and as for the second day, we sang and sang and sang until lunch haha! then we had the privilege of finding out our village groups and leaders, but allison wasn't just gonna tell us so... we had papers with fun facts about people that lead us to know who was in our village group! then during lunch the gratitude team gave us friendship bracelets to make for the kids in india and some, jono and henry, took a little longer to figure it out

haha! over all the retreat was an awesome experience due to the leaders and guests that came up to help and it got us all sooo excited to go to india! but most importantly it drew our expedition closer and now we all can't wait for the journey to india!!