Bonding Sesh by Lizzy Hale

 Sunday August 6th we had a huge bonding sesh. We discussed things that we as a group could do better to make our trip to India as meaningful and awesome as possible. We decided we needed to work on being inclusive, talking and sitting by different people, working on our power plays, and putting in as much effort and enthusiasm into Ymad as we did at the start. 

    After we wrote this list down the leaders left and we had to come up with a plan on how to better ourselves. We all had so many ideas it was hard to get anybody to shut up and come up with an actual plan. But this lesson helped us bond so much. We were all cracking jokes and you could tell everyone was much more comfortable with each other. 

    We finally came up with a plan after much laughing at each other and yelling. We decided to remind each other of our power plays in the group message and share what we did to complete our power plays. As a group we also decided to support other ymad people and go to their fundraising events and also any sport or activity we could watch and support. On Tuesday we decided to have a “mandatory” hangout, and we also decided to hangout whenever we have time so we can bond outside of just meetings. 

    This meeting was very meaningful and so much fun. We all had such high energy and I think it put is a bit back into perspective and excited to go to India. We have less than 100 days left till we get to go to India and I think it is just starting to get real! The energy is there and everyones getting pumped to go and help those kids.