Dabangg Goes On: By Camryn Clement

Sunday's meeting started off with our routine value lesson, this one, taught by the one and only Allison Ford, was all about inspiration. In this lesson, we learned that to be inspiring, we need to turn our "anti's" into "pro's". An example used was war. Instead of being anti-violence, a better reaction is received when we say we're pro-peace. Following our lesson, we each took a learning type test to find out whether we learned best by watching, listening, or doing. This was to help us adapt our own lessons for the different types of learners we will be teaching, and also personalize our lessons for India.

After the test, we had two TED talks. The first one was given by Jack, and it was all about confidence through power poses. The next talk was given by me (Camryn Elise Clement the first), and I told about perseverance, and never giving up. From here, we split off into our lesson subject groups, and went over the week in India, discussing how we can either make lessons easier or harder depending on the current audience. After we had completed the weeks’ worth of lessons, we talked with our teams about our individual needs, and what we needed to complete as our team responsibilities. Once that was done, we practiced our songs and dance, and announced upcoming events, mainly the retreat in August. And thus ended the YMAD meeting which took place on the 16th of July in the 17th year of 2000.