One step Closer to India By Sophie Fredrick

One step closer to India!!

On June 25th, we had one of our many Sunday meetings. Each meeting gets me so excited for India! We started off with an awesome lesson that Allison gave about forgiveness. We learned that it's so much harder to hold a grudge than forgive. She gave us an amazing article about forgiveness to read on our own time. We also made a list of all the things that anger took away from us. It was really insightful and is something that everyone can relate to.

We then had amazing Ted Talks by a couple people and gave corrections and things that they did well. After that, we got in our groups and talked about different ways we can teach our lessons. It helped to hear others ideas about different strategies on teaching.

Lastly we reviewed the song and dance. We talked about people's parts in the dance and went over motions. Then we sang our song multiple times and wrapped it up with One Day! I can't wait until we leave for India!