Things I Learned In India - Eric Leon

I miss home. I really do. I miss functional plumbing, widely available technology, air conditioning, cold water, the Rocky Mountains, and most of all, the people. (@Mom, Dad, Amanda, Alexa, Becca, Tyler, Lara, and all my church friends and band friends).

However, …

 HOLY MOLY I LOVE INDIA! Despite the fact that is has dysfunctional plumbing, limited technology, hot and sticky weather, the Himalayan mountains, and school kids that don’t speak a lick of English. But it is beautiful.

Not just in an aesthetic way, but in a deeper way. India is purely beautiful. Not only is the whole country full of stunning flora, jaw-dropping landscapes, and wonderful cities, but the beauty lies in the eyes of the children, the worn-out sandals of the women, the powerful sense of brotherhood in the men, and the chaotic traffic on every street in the country. As I look out on the mountains as I write this blog, I think of the things I learned on this expedition that I must bring back with me.

1)    You don’t need money to be happy.

Of course we have all heard the adage, “money can’t buy happiness.” However, by physically being here I was able to see this truth firsthand in a more relevant way than I ever have before. There is a slum area in Kullu. The habitants bathe and do laundry in the river, live in torn up tarps, and have VERY little money. But they still smile every day. After all, they have a family, a community, perhaps some work, and a place to sleep. So why on earth do I complain that my beats headphones are breaking, or that my washing machine broke, or that the water tastes a little but like soap?! I will learn to appreciate the important things a little more.

2)     We are all human.

Teaching the kids is the best. I love the kids in India. I will remember them forever, but I have never had a single conversation with any of them. My relationship with the kids came from them laughing at my dorkiness, by them being engaged in learning the lessons I’m teaching, and by me seeing them be kids. Just because they are from a place completely foreign to me, they are still wonderful children who like games and songs like we see in the states. By this premise did I realize we are all human. All people are on the same playing field and one soul is not more valuable than another. By extension with my beliefs, we are all children of our heavenly father, and no borders on the earth can change that. Why on earth do we have wars when we are all human? When we all laugh at one another’s dorkiness? AHHHH! Get it together, world!

Okay, I’m taking a while and other people need to blog so I will wrap it up. I loved teaching the kids, I enjoyed doing a yoga class, I did not enjoy finding a scorpion in the team duffle, and I enjoyed yoga! Yes, really! Okay, I have to pack for Manali and prepare for a Bollywood dance class in an hour! India is great, I’ll see you all in a few days! I can’t wait to hear what happened this last two weeks! WOOP WOOP! Eric out.


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