Mixed Emotions... Sarah Fry

Today was our cultural exchange in the schools. We were supposed to go to all three of the schools but we ended up only being able to make it to two of them, Chansari and Bandal. Which means we never made it to my school, Pechha. The reason for this is that it was pouring rain and hailing and we didn’t want to get soaking wet and muddy. I am disappointed that we didn’t make it to my school today but like we always say when something goes wrong, “Shindia happens”. The plan now is to just do the cultural exchange at Pechha tomorrow morning, so luckily we still get to do it. Even though we didn’t make it to my school it was still really fun to dance and sing for the kids at Chansari and Bandal and then get to see them perform for us. The kids at Bandal and Chansari are cute but I have to say the kids at my school are the best ;) It makes me so sad to think that we only have one more day with them. I love them so much and am going to miss them like crazy. 

It seems like all I can really think about right now is the kids so I will share some things I love and will miss about them. One is how sweet and loving all of them are. For example,  the other day while I was teaching a lesson a little boy named Dyvanshu came up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and began to kiss my cheek over and over again. It was the cutest thing! I also love how anytime we tell the kids to hold hands for a game they all want to hold my hand! To be honest I will miss holding their hands even though sometimes (actually a lot of the time) they are dirty and sticky! Another thing I am definitely going to miss is the kids saying good morning to us when we arrive at the school. When they see us walk in they always call out good morning and wave excitedly. I love it! I am going to miss everyone of the kids and their unique personalities!

Although I can’t understand most of what the kids say I love being around them and have loved teaching them. Right now I have mixed feelings. I am so excited to do the cultural exchange and see the kids again tomorrow but am so sad because we will have to say goodbye. The time in the schools has been so fun and hard but I have loved every minute!

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