Jordan's Second Amazing Blogification....

I just have to say for all of the worrying moms who read this blog, we have an awesome organizer, Raj, who is so helpful and arranges everything we need in a blink of an eye.  For example, since I have to eat gluten free, it’s very hard because no one here knows what gluten is, however Raj finds a way to get me food for 3 square meals a day.  I just wanted to let you guys know were being safe and aware of our surroundings, and taken care of. 

So far we’ve ether taught in the schools, or helped paint and clean the schools, or be at the schools to give the kids the supplies and things they need.  Today we did our culture exchange and went to each school to perform our song and dance, and to see what the kids prepared for us.  Tomorrow we get to go to the schools one last time to say our goodbyes, finish one last culture exchange for one school, and to finish giving the kids their education kits and extra YMAD supplies we no longer need.  After that were on our way for a two-hour bus ride (in good traffic and weather) to Manali.  There we will get to spend 2 days sightseeing and shopping!!  I would write more of what sightseeing were planning on doing but mostly everything here is a surprise, because we never know what problems could arise. 

We have a pretty good week planned out in front of us, and were all so excited to get to see more of this beautiful country.  I know personally I’m going to miss these kids so much, and they will always have a piece of my heart.  They have seriously changed my life forever, and I could never forget this experience.  Until next time!

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