Pebble Goes to India... (Emily Spicer)

Mom (strictly for my mom and my mom only)- I need to tell you that we were allowed to call home for 3 minutes tonight, but I decided to call Jeff because I kept having nightmares about him cheating and I’m 1000000% positive that everyone was tired of hearing me go on and on about him. Also, Remi started having dreams about her boyfriend cheating so I figured that I needed to end this trend. But if I had called you, this is how it would have gone. “Hi mom. I’m great! I killed so many spiders today because we cleaned the school and I was in charge of getting the webs down. No, I didn’t scream the entire time. Thanks mom, I’m proud of myself too. I am finally adulting. I’m safe and I’m having such a great time! I love you and I miss everyone so much. What did you guys have for dinner tonight? Without me?!?! Alright, my time is up I love you! Feed my plants and fish!”


If you invaded my privacy by reading above, it’s okay. I would have done the same J


We went white water rafting the other day and it was the best thing of my life. I am proud to announce that I did not fall off and that I only swallowed the brown river water a couple times.


Today we went to a yoga class at the crack of dawn, and let me tell you, I’m not meant for yoga. My god I thought yoga was difficult in America! I thought I was dying. So. Much. Death. We did some breathing thing towards the end and I really think I was levitating. We even did the whole humming thing together! Our instructor was… Special. The good kind, but maybe not for me.


I HAVE A DOG! There’s this one dog that follows us around, so Remi and I decided to name him “YMAD” He doesn’t listen, but he’s still learning his name. (he has fleas but I still love him)


Quick notes:

1)    Chocolate shake -> chocolate milk

2)    American sour cream and onion lay chips are not the same as the sour cream and onion lay chips we have

3)    Bucket showers aren’t as great as I first thought they were

4)    I’ve bought so many things, but yet I’ve only spent 2,740 out of my 12,800.


Thank you all for commenting on my last blog! It made me want to cry seeing how many people read it! To my brother, Ian Spicer, I’m sure you really really really wanted to comment, but you were too into some youtube video. I love you Ian. Avery Spicer, thank you for feeding my fish! I loved your comment and I can’t wait to see the pictures you drew for me! I love you Avery. Kaitlyn Spicer, maybe you should go to sleep and stop waking up at 3 am because there’s a 0% chance of me levitating in the living room. I’m not in the country. I’ve bought you so many things, but I keep going between giving them to you or keeping them for myself, so you’re either getting a lot of things or nothing J I love you Kaitlyn. Mom and Dad, I love you both so much! I miss you both so much, but I’m sure you two are enjoying being able to watch your TV shows without me interrupting you every second. I love you guys!!


I apologize for the boringness of this blog yet again, but this was mainly a… I honestly have no clue what to call it. A check-in-I-love-you post. Tell my cat I love her, tell primrose that I will be back soon, and tell Katniss to keep not having a clue J


I love you all!!!! Pebble out.

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