Beets, Bears, Battle Star Galactica.. by Zeke Kinnison

On our bus here there are two guys who kinda operate the whole driving situation; one actually drives and one whistles and tells the driver where and where not to go.  Our whistler has this super cool moustache and we call him moustache guy.  I think all guys have a sort of sixth sense in which they can feel when another dude’s personality would mesh well with their own.   It’s one of the many unspoken understandings that exist between the male species.  I think I described this to my mom and dad once while talking about the guy with acuity road side assistance who came and helped me when my batteries died because I left my lights on while I was at the movie.  This guy showed up with a jump start kit and we only had a measly twenty minutes to converse, yet we had a great conversation and even figured out that he knew who my aunt (Kelly this would be you) was because he had been living in Billings, Montana.  Anyway, I think this connection can be felt without words, I know I felt it with the jump start guy before we even started talking.  I don’t think moustache guy speaks any English; all I’ve heard him say is “you’re welcome” after I say thanks.  But my sixth sense keeps telling me moustache guy is really cool and I think his sixth sense is telling him about me as well.


I also made another friend named Robert. We don’t flush toilet paper here because the toilets aren’t very powerful.  The key thing here is that the toilets aren’t very powerful.  That means if too much mass is in the bowl, it doesn’t go down.  There was a mass living in our toilet for multiple days, and no matter what we tried, it would not go down.   We decided if it was gonna be living with us it would need a name, and thus Robert was born.  Robert gained two friends, but eventually, Eric was successful in freeing them. 


And also Mom and Dad if you read this can you comment whether or not it’s okay to leave my sleeping bag here as a donation?  There’s not as much room for souvenior stuff as I thought and the sleeping bag is soooo big, feel free to say no though.  Good to talk to you guys yesterday, say hi to Izaac

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