A Day In The Life of Reilly....

By Reilly Canavan

7:00- Wake up. Get ready and dressed in my parachute pants, long shirt, and scarf.

7:45- Breakfast. Deep fried naan, rice pudding, eggs, french toast, and/or potatoes. 

8:15- Pack lunch and get hair braided by Lori.

9:00- Load on the bus! Bump heads, jam to some tunes, listen to the insane horn, and take in the view. 

10:10- Hike up to the school, sometimes interrupted with a cow-jam. 

10:30- School begins. Start with the 1st and 2nd graders if you have energy. If they hold out their hand and say “Madam G, may I go to the bathroom?” say no. Otherwise they will ALL go on a bathroom field trip and take the entire rest of the hour to get settled. Then again, they’re never settled. Flashcards last about 5 minutes, even when I line them all up and give them high-fives after they repeat the word correctly. Suraj is most entertained by that. He’s super tiny and only about 5 years old, but packs a mean punch and hits the palm of my hand instead of giving me a high-five. After flashcards are worn out, we play down by the banks, duck duck goose, and jellyfish. 

    If you’re tired, start with the 4th or 5th graders. They’re very mature and the lesson plans flow smoothly with them. When you give them Mr. Potato-Head, they only put the pieces on their face instead of their mouths like the little ones. They love to learn and I can even neglect the pictures when going through the flashcards with them. Whenever there’s a craft, they return everything promptly with the cutest “you’re welcome” after I thank them. 

    And then there’s the 3rd graders. They’re like the 1st and 2nd graders, but bigger and smarter. They are a HANDFUL. Devkala, a beautiful little girl with the prettiest amber eyes, is the most behaved one. Her best friend Rohini is a trouble maker like the rest of them, and Devkala will attempt to get her to listen. There’s no hope for the other 6 of them- the run wild, attack me when I have food or games, steal my books and tell the translator Sonika they don’t have them, and scream “hanky panky!” at me because they want to play down by the banks. But even though they’re the most trouble half  the time, they’re somehow my favorite. 

1:00- Lunch. Noodles, rice, sandwich with nutella peanut butter and bananas, oreos, bourbons, American style 

3:30- School’s out! Start the hike down and try to make it to the bottom by 3:45 so that the bus driver isn’t waiting.

5:00- Team meetings. Return all of your supplies from the day’s lesson, grab the supplies for the next lesson, and talk about what went good and bad that day. Go team Turquoise!

6:00- Shopping! Walk to the market and get stared at by everyone, and get super cool things for cheap. See other white people and freak out, only for them to look at you like you’re crazy. 

7:00- Dinner. Naan, chicken masala, rice, lemon chicken, potatoes, vegetables, lentils, and/or curry. Share stories from the day and get a motivational quote from one of the adult leaders to add to our ring of cards.

9:00- Start getting ready for bed. Wait for the water heater for about 20 minutes to take a bucket shower, spray my sleeping bag with bug spray one more time, and get as comfortable as I can in the rock hard bed. 

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