Return Celebration!! Advice Night! By Emma Romney

Return Celebration!!


            On May 7th, Operation Dabangg meet at the University of Utah School of Business building.  We all came wearing our team shirts and excited for the meeting to begin. This meeting was a little different than our other typical Sunday meetings. We started with discussing successes and failures with fundraising, then we moved on to our power plays from the last meeting. We then met with our individual teams and discussed social events and made sure everyone had a plan to meet our first fundraising deadline. When we finished with our teams, the youth that went to India last year in the fall came to talk with us and answer questions about their expedition. We learned so much from these amazing teens, including: what and what not to pack, to write in your journal every night, be patient and loving towards each other, and create bonds with the whole team before leaving to India. We then enjoyed some snacks and made our way to another room for the return celebration of an operation that was just in India a few weeks ago. We heard from the youth about their experiences and watched each village teams video. This was an amazing experience and reminded everyone how important it is to build relationships within our team and to be prepared to teach the children in India. It also excited the team and showed us that all of our hard work will pay off! To end the celebration, they invited everyone currently involved in YMAD to come and sing “one day”. The perfect way to end the night!