India for Mr. Kinnison

by Zeke Kinison
The smell in India is an odd caucaphony of assaults to my nostrils, some of which are oddly pleasing while others are pretty vile.  I would say the general smell could be summed up as incense, poop, nature, and curry.  My most pressing mission yet has been managing to avoid my omniprescent fear of the so called "loose stool", as Bret taught and I soon overused.  I did however feel really sick on the bus ride home today, almost lost it on the stairs to the hotel actually, but now I know that Dramamine is must on the bus rides around here.  The driving in India could be a metaphor for how my thoughts travel around in my head: chaos with relatively no order that somehow manages to function.  But besides all those observations, as all of us on the expedition had predetermined in our minds, the children are the most significant portion of the trip and will most definitely be the most memorable.  They range from trouble makers such as Sahil and Monaj to sweet, kindhearted little dudes like Devender.  No matter what their personality may be, I know they'll have a lasting impact on all of us far into our futures, and I'm dying to talk everyone's ear off at home as I sure I already am here.  I don't wanna spoil all my pictures so I'll just leave this one with no caption to keep everyone guessing


Editors note:  The thumbnail image depicts the fact that Zeke's big hair is intruiging to the Bandal Public School kids.