Home Away From Home

by Nataalie Sorensen

I can’t say that being in India has been such a huge shock like everyone else probably can. The smell of curry, gas, fire, and who knows what else surprisingly brings me home. The taste of Bourbons, Hide & Seek cookies, rice pudding, and of course curry brings back so many memories and im sure ill be sick of them again in a week but I guess thats what makes this trip a little harder for me… knowing this is a last. Its hard to explain to everyone back home what really happens in India because it really is indescribable. Pictures of the amazing views, videos of the INSANE driving, stories of the kids, etc… will never do a justice. I’ve caught myself several times thinking how excited I am to go home again and tell everyone about my experiences or how excited I am to go site seeing but I’ve realized how quick these 2 weeks go by. So, honestly all I can say is I’m going to completely absorb every smell, every hard bed, every meal, every horn honking, and every moment here in India. Because even though India is the complete opposite of my home, it’ll always be my home away from home.