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by Emily Spicer

Wow. I don’t even know how to start one of these things out. First off, I miss everyone and I hope you are feeding my fish and plants. India has been a blast so far. I could not contain the joy I had when I saw a huge (and I mean huge) black spider next to our toilet on day 1. Not only did Sam not kill it, but he managed to scare it into a huge hole in our wall… Man, India is amazing (:  Hmmm.. Oh,  I went pee twice in the squat toilets and I think I can say I’m a pro at it! The plane ride was so much more than I could have asked for. Literally. On our way to South Korea, I was blessed to be sitting next to Gabby and some girl who was dead asleep the second she sat down. No clue what she was on, but I wanted some. So anyways, she kept falling asleep on Gabby and then at one point mid-flight, she smacked her head so hard against the window and didn’t even flinch. I definitely think I peed a little. 

Back to India, let’s talk about the big M (cannabis). It’s everywhere. Next to the schools, next to the hotel, etc. There are fields upon fields of cannabis. I want to make jokes about this topic, but I also don’t want my post to be taken down. They have cows that walk around to their hearts content. Their favorite place to chill is in a parking lot and they like to eat trash. 

Mom… I may come home with 50,000 dogs because they’re everywhere. Just an FYI. India is gorgeous, I brought too much food, I’m not organized, I’m probably going to die with the way they drive, I have no idea what else to say, I want Panda Express and Velveta Mac and Cheese, our hotel is cool, this kid Sahil makes me want to pull my hair out because he steals crayons, I feel dirty, don’t ask me what day it is because I still feel like it’s Saturday, bucket showers are surprisingly relaxing, I’m taking pictures of everything (at mom), I’m rocking this uniform, I’m becoming one with nature and I will probably be able to control time soon (at Kaitlyn), food is great, I’m probably not drinking enough water, Despacito isn’t my favorite song (at Jeffypoopoo), I love you all (at family) and I kinda have to pee right now. The kids are great and it’s amazing to see how attached they get to you just after 1 day. 

Alright I’m tired and I want to sleep. Goodnight or good morning to everyone!

-Emily Spicer