Work Day= Dance, Learn, Sing By Jack Vincent

 Work Day= Dance, Learn, Sing

On Saturday the 20th YMAD meet for a work day bright and early. At 7:30 we showed up ready to learn. The first hour was filled with dancing and laughter. We are learning a dance to show the children when we get over to India. The dance group chose the song Baby by Justin Bieber to dance to. It was very fun and we made great progress in learning the dance. Then we had a little breakfast, which was very good! For the next few hours we stepped into the shoes of the Indian children by being taught some of the lessons we will teach to them in Spanish, which I don’t know a lick of. This taught me how the children in India will be feeling while I teach them. I learned that you should be very enthusiastic because that keeps people engaged and you should use hand gesture to get your point across are clearly. After having this eye opening experience we all learned our group song. The song we chose was Best Day of my Life by American Authors. Dallin Jenkins did a great job playing the ukulele to help keep us in tune. After a lot of repetition we were able to sing the whole song and it sounded great! 

This work day was one I will remember in India. It taught me that most people don’t have the lugxary of being able to use their native language as their only language needed. In order to prosper these Indian kids need to learn English. This makes me want to work even harder to help these children. I know that once I get over there I will be very energetic and positive in order to help these kids because of this work day we just had!