Back At It

India is so incredible, i am not coming home, sorry squad sorry family. Today i got to teach and Landen was the floater and i was in heaven. I love teaching more than anything. I taught body parts and even the babies knew what i was saying. We had a ton of fun coloring body parts and playing with Mr. Potatohead. The little girl in this picture is Mehak (me-heck) she and nirja were having a rough day so Brenna and i grabbed them and just loved them. Ritika came and found out they were thirsty and tired so we got some water and Mehak was back ready to go 💜 she loves to have attention and i will give her all the attention in the world! I dont know what else to say except Suma school team is so great. I love india and i am losing weight just from sweating on the 20 minute "walk" to my school. 

Xoxo Jordie