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Three hours later we arrived in Shimla and this place couldn't be more different than Rampur. We are being spoiled at this hotel compared to the last one. The food is incredible and the fact that there are actual beds is amazing. After not having a shower head you gain a new love for hot running water and slightly American food. Exploring Shimla everything is packed together.  This city makes San Francisco look like child's play.  They stack buildings on top of each other like no other.  The shops are tiny and the streets are thin, so theres not a lot of breathing room.  Shimla rain and hail can probably rip through walls and the fog rolls in faster than you can imagine.  Its rained a lot and the thunder and lightning is truly spectacular and it is noticeably colder here.  I miss my kids and its hard to have so much free time after being so busy teaching and playing with them so much. Its hard to look through the numerous of pictures of them and it makes my heart hurt a little. I do miss the mountains in Rampur too and how simple life is there but being here is such an incredible experience. After going to the Monkey Temple this morning at 7 in the morning I now realize how terrifying monkeys are and for once I'm grateful all we have in Salt Lake are pigeons.  The monkey temple was amazing seeing as the monkeys roam free.  We were given our Bindi and a safety Bracelet and blessing donned on us by the Priest once we got there. Walking down from the temple a few of us were threatened by two monkeys who were very territorial. Lesson learned; don't make eye contact with monkeys. ever.

Coming on this trip I was terribly worried I would be horrible with the kids seeing as past experiences has made me realize that kids hate me.  The people in our village quickly melted all of that away.  They didn't care what we looked like, what we wore or how different we were.  The kids were more than willing to learn and have gained a place in my heart as I fell in love with them way too quickly. I cherish every moment I had with them good or bad, they couldn't have been more perfect (no matter how rowdy they were). I could never re create this experience. During our gratitude meeting the statement was brought up that ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’.  A very true statement I fully believe that fits this expedition.  I’m really happy to have made a small difference in such a big place. The people of India never fail to 1) Feed you and 2) Love you.  I dread leaving but then again I dread eating more Indian food at the same time.  One can only eat so much chicken, and two weeks of it is a very long time. Theres so much of this place that will miss but so much that I've learned that I didn't expect.  I apologize I'm trying to make the least cheesy I can. Can’t wait to be home, not looking forward to 24+ hours of flight time. Everything is well here, see you soon.  Love you guys.

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