Lice! - Chandler

I hope you are all doing well! I miss you and love you LOTS. Today I saw lots of different animals/and their offsprings. I saw monkeys/baby monkeys, goats/kids, yaks, chicken/chicks dogs/puppies (I saw two puppies playing today, I wanted to stop the car and play with them),   Cats/kittens. Today was the first time I felt sick in forever, but I don’t think anyone felt good. Then on Sunday we went to a temple, and had gratitude night, where all of us including our India contact Raj; said something we are grateful for. I also had one of the best dinners I have ever had. I even think it was better than the Smorgasbord! Yesterday we said goodbye to our villages and our cute little school children. Some of my kids were sad, and teary-eyed. Most of the kids hugged me for the first/last time.  The people in the villages were the happiest, friendliest, kindest people you will ever meet. I will miss the people and my kids deeply. On Saturday we got to see all of the other teens school. All of the schools are so different, it’s impossible to compare them. The first school we went to was Amy’s team, which was very colorful and lively. Then we went tomy school. I don’t think my kids knew what was happening , or what was going on. I can’t really describe it; my kids are all so serious, it was so funny. Then we traveled to Nicole’s school, which was incredibly special. One of the little girls came to me and started crying on my shoulder. The people are very humble and tender.  I just hugged her, and held her for awhile. It has been a very spiritual, and amazing trip. Then the last school, was Jamie’s. This school was so energetic.  So many of their village people came and watched us sing, dance, and play games with the kids. I am going to miss waving and saying hi to everyone. Our leaders on Sunday also told some of us we had lice. Even made us come to their room while they “checked” our heads/hair… even showing us “proof”. We were then instructed to quickly go and wash our hair so they could “start the treatment”. All the kids started freaking out, as they totally believed they had lice. Haha it was so not funny at the time, thankfully for me I was not one of the kids that was told they had lice. 

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