Today Was the Worst Day So Far - Zane Jolley

Today was the WORST day so far… Not for the reasons you might think its because we had to leave the kids and say goodbye. I have truly fallen in love with the kids in my school and seeing them walk away from school today was the hardest and most heart breaking thing that I have ever had to do. We shorted our lessons so the we could give out all of our gifts to the kids and humanitarian supplies. I was doing a lesson on staying clean and making sure you wash your hands. At lunch after we had eaten the headmistress had all the girls change into new cloths and do a photo shoot. It was hilarious to see their reactions. Next we got all the kids to sign there names on our team shirts in both english and in their language. After that we had them all get in a line so we could give them hygiene kits, first aid kits, school supplies, a pic of all of us, a new pare of shoes, and socks. Once we got done with that we got one last pic with the kids and then we had to say goodbye. I don't think that anyone who has not done this can relate to this part fully. I love the kids, I will always love them no matter how far away I am and no matter how old I am. I was holding it all together pretty well until I saw the oldest group of kids, Kulpna, the others had tears running down there face and I could see the love and longing for us to stay in there tear filled eyes. When I came down to hug them I remember Kulpna crying into my shirt and asking if I had to go… I know I keep saying this but I Love my kids and I will alway Love them. Mom, Dad I love you both and I have one request, When I get home we are going home and I want a medium rare steak. Love you!

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