Indian Accent - Kallie Green

Helllllooooooo people! Long time no see my friends I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime over here but it has only been like a week?? That’s insane! You truly cannot understand how life changing this place is unless you experience it firsthand cause when people talked to me about before I came I was like ya ya I know it’s gonna be cool but really its freaking spectacular guys I love it!! I’ve done so much there’s no way I could fit it all in this blog. Teaching the kids, getting catcalled in the market, riding in rickshaws, going to temples and palaces, gratitude night (thanks for the letters how special) I feel like a new person and it’s going to be the weirdest thing coming back, I can’t even imagine it. Anyways today we had to say goodbye to our kids and I was a mess!! As soon as we started singing you are my sunshine to the kids I lost it. I think I scared the kids because I was crying so hard, yikes. I love them, I couldn’t help it. I wish I could bring home Mehek, Sushmita, Kritika, Soniya, Aarti, Satish, Pankaj and every single one of my kids I want you guys to meet them dang it!!! Oh and by the way I’m coming home with an Indian accent for sure because I taught all my lessons in one and didn’t even notice until someone told me lol. Ok this blog post sucks because there are no words to describe what we are experiencing. I’m just gonna have to tell you more when I get home and I apologize in advance because I have a feeling this is all I will be talking about for a long time. Don’t mind these quotes coming up I just asked people who walked by me if they wanted to be in my blog so here you go.

“Kids. life changing. Tears shed. Happy day. Sad day. Good day. Worst day. Heart is full. Get torn apart. Don’t want to leave. But I have no choice. The ones who have changed my life. Can no longer be there. Im crying inside. No im literally crying outside.” -@gaven

“Freakin frackle of freakster frick” -@katherine

“I pooped today” -@payton

“I ate 2 pieces of gross cake today cause kallie said no balls.” -@coleton

“I am moana” -@sarah

“I don’t really care what you say as long as you spell my name right.” -@cleigh/klaie/cllay

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