Feelings and Food - Rachel Walker

Indian food. Many people who know me know that I do not like indian food. How I have survived just over a week in India is beyond me. It defiantly has not be easy, spicy food might be the death of me, so lately I have been eating my extensive stores of noodles, Nutella, chocolate, and fruit by the foot. Eating food that you don’t really like while lacking in needing sleep, running around in the Himalayas, and dealing with shindia, really isn't super nice on your body, mind or emotions. So it’s really easy to say that this experience has not in any way been boring. Yellow food and spicy brown stuff is officially on the top of the list of ‘Stuff to Avoid if You Want to Function Today.’ The list is still growing. Best meal hear was on Sunday night after we had gratitude night and we cried over the letters. We had cooked veggies with cheese along with some other not spicy food and to top off an amazing night, THEY HAD ICE CREAM! For someone who is working at Baskin Robbins, you would think I get sick of it. Nope. That is not the case in India, serious ice cream withdrawls have been overcome. I cant wait to come home to quarts of mint chocolate chip, jamoca almond fudge, and peanut butter chocolate. *hint hint wink wink* 

Feeling this expedition have been on all ends of spectrum. Highs, lows, far rights and swaying lefts. How to describe the feeling of our school? Sacred, spiritual, and a place where love truly has no language. I can honestly say I learned way more from the seventeen kids there then i could have ever taught them in a year. The feeling of walking out of a room and instantly having four hands tightly holding your arms to pull you to come play, or show you what they have made. The feeling of being exhausted, tired and sick, and putting all those feeling aside to teach, smile and play with this bright children. When we sang Count On Me a couple of the kids started crying, they couldn't understand what we were singing but they knew we sang it with love. More tears were shed on the day of the cultural exchange then the last day with them, showing them we loving them with songs and dancing. Sharing the joy and happiness with them as they received new blankets, school supplies, shoes, and lots of other supplies. For the months before we left we were told countless times, ‘you will fall i love with children that you will probably never see again.’ I don't believe that. I know in my heart I will see them again. Knowing this made today so much easier. It is not a final goodbye but a till next time kinda thing. My life was changed in less then five days. Im sad teaching is over, but I am overjoyed to have had this experience. 

P.S. Mom and Dad, please let Emma know that she can come to the airport with you and I'm serious about the ice cream. Also tell Sam Happy Birthday for me!

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