Dede - Kate Jones

I lied about how good the first day of teaching was.  To be honest it was terrible.  The kids would barely talk to us and I was (still kinda am) pretty sure the teachers hated us.  We tried to fix this by breaking them into bigger groups--the kids turned into demons that day and I felt like I was doing something very wrong.

After that things changed.  The kids became my friends and I became their big sister (Dede).  We have a lot of little kids and it was hard, but also sooo rewarding.  I think I held Vivek and Babaesha (at the same time) almost all day today, they hug so tight and don't let you put them down.  When you hang them upside down they smile so big I can't really explain it.  Hannah is mad at me for not talking about my feelings here, but I still can't really process them.  I promise I'll talk about them later if you ask, but I'm not ready yet.  But I promise they are good feelings.

Before I came here I started to tell myself I was going home, as in India is home, I didn't really think that it would be that.  My village feels like a second home and the people in the village and Nidhi (the translator) and everyone else is my family.  When we were visiting Amy's schools we had an Indian dance party with her school and the high school.  A lot of the older kids will ask you your name and say hi, but this one had a very profound impact on me.  I didn't bother to learn her name because I thought she was just saying hi.  We danced together and when I went to leave she pointed at me and said "my friend."  She is my friend.  They hug left for a long time and then right here, after we kissed each other on the cheek.  I can't really explain it but I feel so close to this girl--to everyone.  

I miss my kids--my Indian family--but they will always be in my heart. 

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