At Home Away From Home - Katherine Cobabe

The past week has truly been one for the books. So many things have happened and so many memories have been made. We finished our last day at the schools today, and I can’t begin to describe how many emotions I felt. Teaching the kids was a bit difficult for me in the beginning but slowly became one of the easiest things I have done. The kids were so eager to learn and so energetic. I could teach the same lesson every day and they would still love it and continue to soak up the information as if it was something new. As amazing as it was to teach, it was even more amazing to get the opportunity to meet these kids and to love them and them love me.

Which makes sense why today was so hard. Physically preparing for the trip was easy, but emotionally was something that none of us could do. I knew I would love the kids but I underestimated just how much. The way they love so unconditionally with open arms is something I never thought was possible by kids who I have never met before. They were so willing to just be with you and play with you and listen to you. I’ve never seen such happy and caring people. The whole village radiates such a positive vibe that instantly puts a smile on your face. The people in my village were so quick to welcome us and to love us even though they had no idea who we were.

I have never been so far from home, but I’ve also never felt more at home. The combination of my amazing team and this amazing place has made for incredible memories also. This entire community has found a place in my heart, and will forever.

Amy Lunt2 Comments