Be Bold!! Skate!!!


On Friday the 21st of April Operation Dabangg took over Classic Fun Center. The Communications group organized this activity and it was a huge success! Many showed up and had a great time skating around the rink and talking. At first everyone was a little shaky on the skates and it looked as if they would fall over at any moment and many did, especially me! But as the night went on we began to look like a bunch of pros out there. The music was groovy and the dance moves were even better. I lost my voice I was singing to the songs so loud! Jono Ebert sported a muscle neon tee shirt and some tight leggings, which looked amazing. The night was going perfect and it couldn’t seem to get any better when suddenly Superwoman and Star Lord, from Guardians of the Galaxy, made an appearance in the middle of the rink, which was probably for the children, but I still had to get a few photos with them! Overall it was a great night and everyone seemed to have fun, even if some went home with bruised tailbones!