Signing Off - Travis Wright

Yesterday was really cool, it was astonishing to see everyone else’s school and how they connected with each kid. Everyone had their own way of interacting and through these interactions I got to see a side of my team I had never really seen before. Kids who I thought were just passing through this expedition really seemed to step it up and turn a new leaf. Seeing the change in these people when they connected with their kids amazed me. Every day we are here I seem to learn something new about everyone here and it never ceases to impress me. Today shocked me, today everyone on the team recognized the change in each other. We each, on our own time, saw what everyone had to offer. We went to a nice hotel and sat down, we all looked at each other was we expressed what we are grateful for. As we went along each kid recognized the weight of the situation and it was dead quiet, everyone showed a ton of empathy for what each other were going through and it was an amazing moment. I look forward to more of these serious moments and more light hearted ones as the expedition comes to a close. Travis signing off for YMAD Rampur Bushahr 2k17. 

Amy Lunt1 Comment