Don't Believe...Be and Become - Bret Burbidge

There is a Hindu saying “Hindu religion does not consist of struggles and attempts to believe in doctrine or dogma, but in realizing not in believing, but in being and becoming” -Swami Vivekanada to

After being in India (for just a short time) and becoming, in some small way, immersed in their culture, I have noticed that religion and life are intertwined in everything. This weekend, ends a 9 days religious fast for the Hindu people.  This fast is meant to allow them to listen to the village priest and elders and become closer to god and each other.  Every person in the village will take part in some small way during this time.  Their hearts and minds become open to all things around them big and small.  Fortunately, we are here in this part of India during this special time. 

They have embraced us, loved us and the school children run for joy as we approach. At first I though it was because of us, now I realized it is because of them. They want us to feel what they have. Love…love what they offer and never forget them. They want us to come into their wonderful schools sit with them, interact with them and love them.  As the saying goes, “Don’t just believe, become what you want to believe then you will have no need for belief”!  The children don’t say “I will someday do this or that”, they just do it.  They open their hearts to us, they open their arms to us and open their minds to us. They love because you love, and learn because you want to teach.  In fact, these young adults from YMAD that have come to India to be with these amazing children and villages actually live this quote too!  They have come and done.  Your kids are amazing, inspiring and have made major changes to the way they will now approach their own lives. I am truly grateful for all the parents back in America that have allowed us to share this wonderful experience with your children.  As the saying goes “A apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.  You are all great trees.  

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