Every Step You Take I’ll Be Watchin’ You

The goodbyes were tough. Those kids put on some big celebration for us that the whole village showed up to and we danced with them and got some hats. It was Sad but awesome. Seeing all of them with their new backpacks with huge smiles was super rewarding. We drove to Manali yesterday. We are staying at a place called Johnson Lodge and it is a welcome change from Jibhi camp. Nothing against Jibhi camp, but I like rooms that aren’t infested with 4 inch long spiders. 

We went shopping in the markets today and it was awesome. It was a little weird because everyone was watching us, hence the title. The market is like China town but so much better. I got a couple of switchblades, a sword thing, a couple of backpacks made of hemp, some yak fur things (they loved Me and Brandon at the Yak store), and a lot of other cool stuff. 

Raj is a co-owner at an amusement park thing that is kind of like a carnival that we went to today. We rode Tuk-Tuks there and that was quite an experience. Since we know Raj we got front of the line on everything and it was all free. I felt kind of bad jumping in front of everyone else, but if I owned a theme park I’d do the same for my friends. We got to ride yaks there too so that is fun. After all of that we went to a restaurant called chopsticks that I got some French Toast at. (Yes, I got French Toast at a Chinese restaurant in India) Anyway, we’re all good here and I’m tired, so Guten Nacht.

Sam Gwilliam